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Small body shows great energy!Discussion on the Excellence of Jinan Shanding SD18U Small Excavator

  • Время обновления: 2019-12-04

The small excavator of Jinan mountain tripod has outstanding advantages in agriculture, landscape greening and disaster relief, mineral exploration and so on by virtue of its close price and convenient mobility. Small excavator in the excellent is Jinan Shan Ding SD18U small digger, the following along with the small editor to understand the advantages of SD18U it. The SD18U small-cut machine is an Italian Hydro multi-way valve, which has the advantages that any action can be done at the time of walking; the crushing strength is much larger than that of the main pump 18P, the force is large, the efficiency is high, the efficiency can be improved by 30%, and the pin shaft, The special material we used was 35 chrome, and it was not easy to break the reliability. The turntable, our turntable diameter is 480mm, the stability is good.

SD18U small excavator has no tail rotation and super compact size to ensure the excavator can move freely in indoor and outdoor construction site. Even in the narrow tunnel and some bad construction environment such as landslide and soft soil, the excavator can work efficiently without any interference and influence from the geological environment, so that the excavator can work more efficiently.

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